New Marie’s® Yogurt Dressings

Marie’s® is happy to introduce two new varieties to our line of all-natural yogurt dressings: Marie’s Honey Mustard Yogurt Dressing and Marie’s Thousand Island Yogurt Dressing.

In the pantheon of classic dressing tastes, Honey Mustard and Thousand Island hold a special place in the hearts and minds of condiment cravers the world over. Honey Mustard and Thousand Island are two tastes that have proven their durability and likeability over time with countless delicious dollops on and in your favorite salads, sandwiches, wraps and dips. Now Marie’s has added these two classic taste sensations to their lineup of delectable yogurt dressings, all with half the fat and calories of regular dressings.

When you combine the fresh, all-natural blend of ingredients that Marie’s is known for with the creamy dairy taste of yogurt, it creates a rich dressing that tastes “as good” and is better-for-you. If you’re a fan of creamy Thousand Island or tangy Honey Mustard, you’ll want to try these tasty new dressings, made with the smooth richness of yogurt, in your favorite recipes, to dress up your favorite salads, or served on the side as a delicious dipping sauce. You’ll also want to try these other varieties of Marie’s Yogurt Dressings –

  • Marie’s® Yogurt Blue Cheese
  • Marie’s® Yogurt Ranch
  • Marie’s® Yogurt Feta Cheese
  • Marie’s® Yogurt Parmesan Caesar

Look for all the Marie’s Yogurt Dressings in the fresh produce section of your favorite food stores.

New Marie’s® Yogurt Dressings